HTML Formatted Email Templates

Customers may create formatted templates for use in sending automated emails from KMx. Samples are available for download at

The process works by using a MS Word document in lieu of the Message Body field of the email template. To use this feature, you can start with a blank document or one of the samples from the link above.

A list of variables that may be inserted into the body of the message can be viewed as part of the help function while editing an email template. You can navigate to this help information as follows: Review Email Template , select the template or event to review, select Email Template Help.
Proper Email Template Formatting in Word
When creating your email templates in Word, be sure to follow these guidelines:
  • The document should read as you want a member to see the email body.
  • Do NOT use the bold, italic, and underline buttons in the Font section.  Rather, make these selections in the Styles section available on the Home tab.
    • If you do not see the Style section, right-click Word's ribbon and select "Customize the Ribbon".  You'll then be able to add Style if it's not already visible.
Uploading Word Email Templates to KMx
KMSI recommends customers create a new K/S table with a title similar to “Email Templates” or other title that will help to easily identify these content records. Selecting “Insert K/S Table Record” then provide a title and set the option for Mask from Search to “Yes”.

Select Organize and Develop Content, Insert Content Record, select the K/S table, then select MS Word. Enter a title for the new content record to identify it as a template record and upload your completed Word document.

Once the MS Word document is uploaded, review the email template under System Administration, Review Email Templates. With the template open, select the K/S table where you previously uploaded the MS Word version of the template, the screen will refresh. Now select the MS Word Document. The contents of the word document, including any formatting you applied inside of the document, will now replace the body field displayed on the Template record. The subject and cc fields on this form will still be used to populate the subject and cc of the email messages generated using this template. To discontinue use of a formatted template and return to a text based template, set the MS Word Email Template to “None”.

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